Full Ceremony Video – Example

Both our Diamond and Platinum Collections come with a video of your full ceremony. We have received many questions about what that ceremony video looks like, so we have decided to share an example of a ceremony video we filmed in 2018.

For every ceremony we film, we use multiple cameras. We do this for many reasons:

  • To make the video more dynamic and not feel as static
  • To have multiple options to cut to just in case someone stands in front of one of the cameras.
  • We always try to have one camera facing each the bride and the groom. This allows us to show not only the person saying their vows, but also their partner’s reaction which is always so sweet.

We also use multiple types of audio-recording equipment. We place a microphone on the lapel of the groom’s jacket, as well as one on the officiant. We also plug into the DJ’s soundboard to record the audio directly from his system.

Because of these sources of audio for your ceremony, your vows will be clear and crisp…perfect for reliving this extremely important part of your wedding day.

Want to find out if we’re available on your wedding day?

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