As a wedding videographer, I am often asked about how I choose the music for the highlight videos I create for my clients.

Music is what drives the mood and tempo for your wedding video, so it’s no wonder why many people want to know more about what goes into selecting the music. So here are a few things that I often consider when choosing music as a wedding videographer:


1. The Genre

The first thing I consider when selecting music for wedding videos is the genre. Whether it be country, pop, or ambient, the genre is the first overarching quality of music I take into consideration.

But how do I choose the music genre?

The truth is: it’s not my decision. I don’t just decide all willy-nilly. I pay attention to the music the couple has selected to be playing for the big moments of their wedding: the processional, the recessional, first dances, and so on.

If most of these song choices are country music, I’ll choose a piece that has a country flare.

If it is more alternative rock, then I will choose something heavy in guitar and similar instruments.

I always try to choose a genre that truly fits the style of the couple. Because at the end of the day, this video is supposed to be a visual representation of my couples and their style. I want my couples to LOVE every bit of their video, including the music selection.

2. The Tempo

I always look for a similar theme when it comes to tempo in my music selections. I like to choose music that starts off a bit slower in the beginning, then has a building moment, and a climax. This is because of how I edit my videos.

I edit videos to the music. I use the beats in the song as cues for when to cut my clips together, and I like the mood of the music to match what’s happening in the video at that moment.

Slower tempo and calmer music works great for footage of the getting ready and ceremony, while the build and climax of the song are perfect for the reception or big “wow” moments, like a big twirl while dancing or the bride being dipped on the dance floor by her groom.

3. The Mood

I try to pick music that matches the mood of the couple. Was the couple fun, flirty and goofy? Then I’ll choose music that is fun and a bit more playful.

Is the couple more romantic and calm? I’ll try to find music that fits that style too.

Whatever your style is, I’ll find music that will fit in your wedding video perfectly. I work with several music licensing sites that have high quality music selections available for me to sift through to find the perfect song for you!

Here are a few of my favorite wedding videos with vastly different music selections. Check them out!

Chelsea & Mark

Alyssa & Austin

Nichol & Adam


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