Top Sacramento Area Wedding Venues
Weddings are a momentous occasion, and so much goes into the planning process. One of the first things to nail down when wedding planning is finding the perfect venue that fits your style and needs. Here in the Greater Sacramento Area, there are several AMAZING wedding venues to choose from. We’ve weeded through all the lists and picked our Top 10 Best Wedding Venues in the Sacramento Area.
Do you really need a wedding videographer?
This is such an exciting time. Nothing is more fun, or stressful, than planning a wedding. I’m sure you have done some research on hiring vendors for your wedding. All the websites you see list videographers as must-have vendors, but you might have one question: do we really need a videographer for our wedding?
Should you do a first look?
Deciding to have this private moment together on your wedding day has some advantages. Knowing your options, and how it will impact your timeline, can have a dramatic effect on your wedding day.
Having each of your guests leave their mark on your wedding is more important than you may think. It’s a time-honored tradition that is worth keeping. But that doesn’t mean that you need to go the traditional route with your guestbook! Here are our FAVORITE guest book alternatives that you should consider having at your wedding.
Full Wedding Ceremony Video Example
Both our Diamond and Platinum Collections come with a video of your full ceremony. We have received many questions about what that ceremony video looks like, so we have decided to share an example of a ceremony video we filmed in 2018.
Light it up: the key to amazing lighting for your wedding film. Sacramento wedding videography.
Good lighting is the key ingredient to a beautiful wedding video. Without good lighting, the image that you see on your screen would look, well… less than amazing. Learn more about what you can do as a bride or groom to ensure your wedding is LIT 🔥 (pun intended)

The biggest difference between photography and videography is audio. The power of good audio should not be underestimated for your wedding film. Learn more about what goes into recording audio on your wedding day.
Music Selection: 3 things that go into selecting music for your wedding highlight video.
Music is what drives the mood and tempo for your wedding video, so it’s no wonder why many people want to know more about what goes into selecting the music. So here are a few things that I often consider when choosing music as a wedding videographer.
Every bride dreams about her dress and the way she will look on her wedding day. As filmmakers, we love to document the emotional moments of the bride and groom getting all glammed up and wedding-ready. If you want the photos and video of these moments to look amazing, then check out these tips for choosing the perfect location for getting ready.
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