Every bride dreams about her dress and the way she will look on her wedding day.

After all, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want to look your best, and the process of getting all glammed up and gorgeous is a big moment!

It’s all your hard work and planning coming to fruition, with the end product being that you look your absolute best. Our main job as wedding videographers is documenting your wedding day and all the big moments, from start to finish. This includes the bride (and groom) getting ready.

Choosing a location for getting ready plays a huge role in the lighting during these moments. Here are some tips for you when choosing a place to get ready:

1. Let there be light: choosing a room with ample lighting is key. Bonus if there are large windows! This always looks absolutely stunning. If you read our post on the importance of good lighting, then you will remember that having good lighting is the key ingredient to a beautiful wedding video.

2. The bigger the better: choosing a room that won’t feel too cramped will help. There are often times several bridesmaids, a makeup artist, and a hairstylist are all working together in the same room. Small rooms fill up quickly, and your photos and video will look a lot better if there’s a little extra wiggle room.

3. Tidy up: It’s your wedding day, and you and all your bridesmaids probably have a TON of stuff with you to help you feel comfortable on the morning before the wedding. There might be food, clothes, bags, etc, scattered around the room. And that’s fine! When we arrive to capture you and your girls getting ready, we may just discretely clean up a bit. Don’t worry, we aren’t judging! We just want the footage of you getting ready to be clean and beautiful, and we will take extra care to make sure we do everything we can to make that happen.


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