The word “photography” is made up of the Greek roots “photo” which means “light”, and “graph” which means “drawing.” So Photography essentially means “drawing with light”. Videos and films are just moving photos (or, if we’re being technical, a rapid succession of photos – typically 24 photos per second), so videos and films are “drawing with light” just on a grand scale. 

So what does that mean?

The whole point on that grammar lesson is to illustrate the importance of light in your wedding film. Good lighting is the key ingredient to a beautiful wedding video. Without good lighting, the image that you see on your screen would look, well… less than amazing.

What does good lighting look like? Good lighting is:

a. Natural – Sunlight. It’s a beautiful thing. And when you’re inside, window light is best. Overhead artificial lighting isn’t the most flattering, so it’s always best to use natural light when available.

b. Soft – Soft, even light looks the best in photos and videos. So that means during the bright light of day, we will try to find a shady spot for photos and videos. Shade offers an indirect, soft light that looks great. But the best lighting comes from Golden Hour, which is the hour immediately after the sun rises, and the hour before the sun sets in the evening.

The great news is that you, the bride (or groom, or wedding planner, or whoever is reading this post), have the power to set yourself up for success as far as lighting goes for your wedding video. Here’s how:

1. Choose locations carefully 

Location is a huge factor when it comes to lighting. Does your venue offer plenty of shady spots outside for when we are filming in the bright afternoon hours? Does the Bridal Suite have windows for moments when we’re filming the bride getting ready?

2. Plan your timeline accordingly

Timing plays a huge role in lighting for your wedding day. In a perfect scenario, the “romantic session” that typically takes place after the family/bridal party photos after the ceremony would be during Golden Hour during the spring and fall. But during the summer when the sun doesn’t set until 9pm or after, planning to sneak away at some point during your reception for a “golden hour session” would be ideal.

Does your wedding venue seem dark with no natural light? Don’t worry! We always come prepared with a lighting kit to light up your reception (and ceremony, if needed). We use several lights to illuminate the toasts, cake cutting, and formal dances if necessary. This always provides the best image possible. As professionals, we will do everything in our power to create the perfect lighting scenario for your wedding video and photos.

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