I’ve worked with many wedding professionals in the Sacramento area.

As a wedding videographer, I work closely with wedding photographers on a regular basis. And this is because we often have similar goals in mind: we are all looking for great lighting and composition for our images, and we all want to do an awesome job of documenting the wedding day for our couples.

Because wedding videographers work so closely with photographers on the days of the weddings we shoot, it’s not uncommon for us to get to know each other and each other’s work.

One photographer that I have had the pleasure of working with multiple times is Melissa with Melissa Enault Photography.

Not only does Melissa do an excellent job capturing the small details that make wedding days so memorable, she is also a very lovely person who makes those around her feel comfortable in front of the camera. She puts her brides and grooms at ease on their wedding day, which is such an important quality in a wedding photographer.

If you are in the Bay Area or Sacramento Area and looking for a wedding photographer, I recommend getting in contact with Melissa. Check out some of her work below!


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